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Cocotinos Sekotong
Cocotinos Sekotong
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Cocotinos Sekotong Cocotinos Sekotong Cocotinos Sekotong

Luxurious Boutique Beach Resort and Spa, set amidst a Coconut Grove in Sekotong Bay

Scuba Diving

Glossodoris AtromarginataChromodoris HikuensisCoralCuttlefishPink Squat LobsterReef

Away from the maddening crowd, Cocotinos-Sekotong offers a range of dive sites only a few have been to. Once you arrive at the dive site, you will often find no other dive boats there, making your dive an undisturbed and enjoyable one!

Odyssea Divers is a certified PADI & SSI Dive Centre. So even if you don't come as a diver, you could very well leave as one! Our multi-lingual instructors have many years of experience and several hundred certifications between them. Courses can be conducted in English, Indonesian and Japanese.

SSI Scuba Courses

  • Try Scuba (1 Day)
  • Passport Diver (1 Day)
  • Scuba Review (1 Day)
  • Open Water Diver (4 Days)
  • Specialty Diver (1 Day)
  • Advanced Open Water Diver (5 Days)
  • Master Diver (Duration Varies)
  • Dive Control Specialist (Duration Varies)
  • Open Water Instructor (Duration Varies)
PADI Scuba Courses
  • Discover Scuba Diving (1 Day)
  • Scuba Review (Half Day)
  • Scuba Diver (3 Days)
  • Open Water Diver (4 Days)
  • Adventure Diver (1 Day)
  • Advanced Open Water Diver (2 Days)
  • Emergency First Response (Half Day)
  • Rescue Diver (4 Days)
  • Specialty Courses (1 Day)
  • Master Scuba Diver (5 Days)
  • Dive Master (Duration Varies)
  • Assistant Instructor (7 Days)

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