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Cocotinos Sekotong Lombok
Cocotinos Sekotong Lombok
Cocotinos Sekotong Lombok
Cocotinos Sekotong Lombok
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Cocotinos Sekotong Lombok Cocotinos Sekotong Lombok Cocotinos Sekotong Lombok

Luxurious Boutique Beach Resort and Spa, set amidst a Coconut Grove in Sekotong Bay

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Cocotinos-Sekotong is located in a secluded part of Sekotong Bay within South-West Lombok, on the promontory of Tanjung Empet, an hour's drive from new international airport at Praya.

The coastal road swings out to the sea on the right, a small hill flanks the left and rolling hills guard the back of the resort, thereby creating a private sanctuary that prevents other developments from encroaching in the future. As such, the resort's location will remain exclusive for years to come.

Tanjung Empet in the local Sasak language means a "Blocked Promontory". Local geological records suggest that the resort and the small hill on the left was at one time separated from the mainland but over time the small stretch of water was filled in by volcanic dust, and other alluvial deposits, forming the land where the resort now stands. Part of the promontory is still separated from the land in the form of an exquisite little island called Gili Berarean which guests can explore during low tide. Around the island, shimmering stones called batu surat, can be found.

Sekotong Bay as a whole, is already a sheltered area, but the promontory of Tanjung Empet further protects the resort, such that even under high wind conditions, the resort's beach is not buffeted by high waves, making it suitable for swimmers throughout the year. Cross-shore winds also make the beach at the resort ideal for windsurfing and kiting, with superb launching conditions, especially when the tides are high.

The view over the Sekotong Bay is simply breathtaking, especially when hiking atop the rolling hills which run back from the coastal road, a well-paved road that winds its way from the sheltered harbour at Lembar along a rugged coastline to the exotic fishing village of Bangko Bangko. Beyond Bangko Bangko, on the windward side of a hilly range is the world famous surfing destination of "Desert Point", which boasts a sensational "tube" to challenge the experienced surfer.

South West Lombok, is characterised by a short wet season from Dec to March and a distinct dry season from April to November. Some years it hardly rains at all from June till October. The dry weather means that the surroundings can look somewhat windblown and brown during the North-European summer months but on the other hand, it has the advantage of promising blue skies for holiday makers who are seeking the sun and the sea. Conditions for boating, snorkeling and diving are also excellent during the dry season with clear water and high visibility.