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Cocotinos Sekotong Cocotinos Sekotong Cocotinos Sekotong

Luxurious Boutique Beach Resort and Spa, set amidst a Coconut Grove in Sekotong Bay

Travel Insurance & Dive Insurance

Travel Insurance is strongly recommended for all guests staying in Cocotinos Sekotong. For diving guests, the insurance should provide coverage for scuba related injuries and international evacuations in addition to other standard travel insurance policy coverage. The insurance policy should cover international emergency evacuations, trip cancellations, baggage loss, hospitalisations, medical treatments including hyperbaric recompression, etc.

Cocotinos Sekotong will not take any responsibility whatsoever for any expenses that may be incurred through lack of adequate insurance coverage taken up by the guest.

Cocotinos Sekotong shall assume that the guest has duly been recommended the benefits of having suitable travel insurance.