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Cocotinos Sekotong
Cocotinos Sekotong
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Cocotinos Sekotong Cocotinos Sekotong Cocotinos Sekotong

Luxurious Boutique Beach Resort and Spa, set amidst a Coconut Grove in Sekotong Bay

Wind Surfing

Lombok Cocotinos Sekotong, Cocotinos Sekotong  Lombok

Cocotinos' geographical location gives us a shoreline facing the north-east which will make any wind or kite surfer very pleased. In the months of May to October, south west winds averaging up to 7 knots crosses with a slight diagonal direction into our shoreline. During the months of November to April, the wind direction changes to orginate from the west with an average speed of 8 knots. Even with the strong winds, the promontory on the left of the resort prevents big waves from hitting the beachfront of the resort. The wind line starts after the end of the jetty and on a good day with cross-shore winds, wide caps can be seen across the sea, providing perfect conditions for launching.

Click on Map to view larger image. Please note that Cocotinos does not have any surfing equipment for hire.

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